$uicideboy$ – Avalon

(What? What?)
Psycho ward to the mental, I'm a don (Yeah, yeah)
In the wards got the fenty in my 'ron (Yeah, yeah)
Skate the block off them xannies so I'm calm (What? What?)
Cough a lot from that damage to my lungs, ay (Ay)
Dope smoking, gun toting, I'm a killer's killer (What?)
Pill popper, I don't know a lot who really sicker (Ay)
Full of liquor, codeine drinker, fucking up my liver (What?)
Pull the trigger, up the thriller to the highest bidder (Ay, ay)
Ooh la la, what's the vibe, pussyboy? (What?)
AK boom, put 'em in their tomb, take lives just because
Say nah, I'm on fire from the drugs (Yeah)
Bend that hoe, gave that bitch some dick, she get off of my nut (Ay, ay)
She gon' deep throat it till she cry (Cry)
Got my face tatted on her thigh (Thigh)
Realest motherfucker from the 5 (5)
Every meal the last supper when you God (God)

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Alright bet
Send me the fucking addy and I'll see y'all in a second
Keys to the fleetwood Caddy, push to start the 911
Drive these bitches crazy, yeah, they always tryna date me
Tryna save me, it's all because I suck her titties like a baby
Hate me all you want, better watch your back, I never front
You want problems? I got a bunch, ain't nothing changed except the chunk, uh
Knock the piss out a pussyboy, trust
Snort a 30 off the .40, let it bust
Gimme bread, watch how quick I start to duck
I put Fenti on her toes, she put fenty in my cup
What with all this racket? What the fuck with all this fuss?
Ruby unapproachable but still they bum rush
Oh my, suicide, you're that guy
You're that guy who wanna die, what's your sign?
She's a 9, personality borderline
She tried to stand me up, but I dicked her down and bent her spine

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